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Elevator cabin, Camden Market London


Client: CTV, Spain

Gemtec was assigned to construct an elevator cabin with a single glass component in a shape of an ellipse at the back of the cabin part. Furthermore it was important to work with a minimum of screw connections. Gemtec ensured fluent transitions between glass, metal and other components.

The challenging task during the construction process was the establishment of logical connections that the composition of components works perfectly. During the assembly small pieces related to the components will be plugged into one another to guarantee absolute precision fit.

The assembly of the floor cabin frame will be installed exactly that the complete assembly will open up till the last component. Assembly is scheduled at the end of June.

CTV - Aufzugskabine
CTV - Aufzugskabine
CTV - Aufzugskabine
CTV - Aufzugskabine
CTV - Aufzugskabine