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A traditional company with ideas

Our roots go back to the year 1931. Having previously been a mechanical workshop in Motzen, Gemtec has undergone continuous development in economic and strategic terms, especially over the past 20 years.
The optic-mechanical institution once developed and produced control systems applied in shipbuilding industry. Gerd Burschik, the CEO, focused his work on delivering security-Location 1992 - 2015Location 1992 - 2015technology to financial institutions. His business was converted into an Ltd. in the early 90´s. The "manufacturing Gerd Burschik" was renamed to "Gemtec".
His older son, named Nils Burschik entered the enterprise concentrating on customer acquisition in metalworking. One year later the managing directors invested in the first laser cutting system. Jens Krönert, Sven Lauritsen and Nils´ brother Jan joined the enterprise.
Besides metal working, Jens Krönert and Sven Lauritsen began developing and manufacturing control technology used in braiding machines. Jan Burschik took over the security technology department.
The arrival of the new millennium saw the business move from Motzen to it´s current manufacturing location in Königs Wusterhausen with a new administration building and production facilities.
In 2003 Gemtec expanded it´s distribution structures to international business. In addition to the existing line of business. 2005 marked the start administration & projectmanagement since 2015administration & projectmanagement since 2015of the development of WotanEX as a management and visualisation system. In 2012, a new devision entitled "special machinery and plant engineering" was integrated to form a link between the services in the field of process automation and metalworking.

Today Gemtec employs more than 100 people at three locations and is an established, international provider specified in development, manufacturing and assembly of electric equipment including the visualisation of technological processes.