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Regional engagement

Founding member: Community Foundation Königs Wusterhausen

Gemtec is a founding member of the Königs Wusterhausen Community Foundation.
The initiative’s key objectives include preserving the town as an attractive location for all citizens of all ages and contributing to positive development. Bürgerstiftung Königs WusterhausenThis includes exploiting regional potential in order to jointly implement social projects. In addition to financial support, civic engagement plays a decisive role.
Focused on the interests of the citizens and the region, decisions are made independently of the influences of party and local politics. Topics dealt with by the foundation include the following: art, culture, sport, training and further education, preservation of local traditions, and nature conservation.

The alliance was established with the objective to create conditions to enable parents to balance work and family life and to create a family-friendly city. Involved are regional enterprises, social organizations, institutions of children and young people. They going to implement projects to improve youth employment, organizing events for young and old and encourage volunteers for reading partnerships.

Cooperation: New Perspective in craft and technics

The cooperation between Gemtec and the Ludwig Witthöft school in Wildau aims at inspiring pupil starting an education in craft field. Intended is to teach theoretical knowledge and practical basic skills in dealing with metal during the WAT lessons. During the project, pupils manufacture their own work piece by using hacksaw and metal drill. Gemtec naturally sponsors the material and the required tools. Furthermore Gemtec offers internships and guided tour through the company.